Vol 19, No 6 (2018): vol 19,No 6 (2018):June 2018


’व्यावसायिक एवं अव्यावसायिक पाठ्यक्रमों में अध्ययनरत् विद्यार्थियों की सामाजिक बुद्धि का अध्ययन’’

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डॉ.(श्रीमती) सीमा यादव’
This Research Paper Focuses On The 12 Banking Stocks Of The Bank Nifty Index And Concentrates On The Construction Of An Optimal Portfolio Of Banking Stocks Using Sharpe Index Model
meera kapoor
Investment in the equity market is a risky and quick way of maximizing returns rather than investing in the financial instruments at a risk-free rate PDF 
roshini tolani
• Portfolio is constructed based only on risk and return assuming that stock returns are normally distributed PDF 
mittal shukla
The Purpose of the study is to examine the impact of commodity trading on stock market volatility PDF 
sourya verma
Ever since the dawn of civilization commodities trading have become an integral part in the lives of mankind PDF 
mahak koshta
Derivatives as a tool for managing risk first originated in the commodities markets PDF 
vivan sahu
The study reveals the importance of the futures contract and tells how the futures contract s used as a hedging tool in the commodity exchange market PDF 
anjali gupta
Standard deviation is an important tool to measure volatility PDF 
shubha singh
Nickel deposits are classified as either sulphide or laterite deposits PDF